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Toyota FCV-R Concept

Posted by Admin On November - 10 - 2014

Concept car shows vision for the future of the Toyota Prius as a practical family car, powered by hydrogen fuel cells

This is the FCV-R. It stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality and Revolution and is Toyota’s brand new practical fuel-cell concept and the strongest hint yet that the Japanese firm is serious about putting a fuel-cell vehicle into production.

Up until now, owning a fuel-cell car has been highly impractical due to the large production costs and lack of commercial hydrogen filling stations, but Toyota is looking to change all this and it aims to do it by 2015.

Previously, the only commercially available fuel-cell car has been the Honda FCX-Clarity which was launched back in 2009 but was only ever available to rent at a cost of £300 per month.

Toyota describes its concept as a futuristic advancement of the Prius, although the FCV-R is a larger car. With its smoother, more flowing lines, curved roofline and aerodynamic bumpers, the FCV-R is designed to create as little air resistance as possible.

Powered by a next-generation fuel-cell and fitted with a 70 MPa hydrogen tank, Toyota claims the FCV-R will be capable of travelling 435 miles on one fill. And if Honda’s FCX-Clairty is anything to go by, the FCV-R will be no slouch of the line either, the FCX Clarity takes a respectable 10 seconds to travel from 0-60mph and can hit a top speed of over 100mph.

Inside, the Toyota concept features a futuristic instrument lay-out, an oversized infotainment unit and an iPad-inspired tablet interface in the centre of the dash. The seats on the show car, come finished with Alcantara leather and a metallic trim complete the look.

Toyota has said that a production version of the FCV-R could be in showrooms as soon as 2015, so watch this space.

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