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Feature: Poker Robot Wars

Posted by Admin On April - 1 - 2008

If you want to consistently win at sit&gos, then stop playing poker and start ‘pushbotting’

If you play a lot of online poker you will have come across a number of players who make a good living playing mid-stakes online sit&gos.

And yet, while most of us play these one table tournaments – few of us manage to replicate their success. So how exactly do they do it? The answer may surprise you: sit&gos are simple games. Most players just don’t realise it. Read the rest of this entry »

Feature: High-tech trading

Posted by Admin On January - 1 - 2008

Watching Richard Redmond, a five-week veteran of the Canary Wharf Sports Exchange, close out a three-figure profit for the second race in row, you can see why this new style of sports betting is growing fast. “It’s all about hand-eye coordination and timing,” said Redmond, sitting back in his chair after making an average weekly salary in just 10 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »